Considerations Before Adding to Your Home

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As most of us already know, adding a room or an entire floor to your home can provide additional living space, and also boost its market value significantly. Prior to beginning a renovation project of this nature, it's super important to consider certain factors.

You need to ask yourself the following questions if you're thinking about renovating or extending your home.

What are the local regulations and laws, and do they impact my project?

One of the first key factors you should consider is whether the renovation / custom addition you're planning is allowed under your local and/or South Australian zoning laws and regulations.

It is wise to clue yourself up on these regulations to ensure that the type of addition you're looking to complete meets the necessary requirements. Some zoning laws are quite strict regarding how much space is allowed between a house and property lines, as an example. This can impact your plans substantially if you're thinking about building out from the ground floor of your home.

Some other laws specify how tall residential buildings can be, and this can impact your plans if an additional floor is what you're looking for.

It's best to be as prepared as possible when planning your renovation, as you don't want to be going down a path that is too expensive to back track from.

To find out information about South Australian building rules, regulations and information please click here.

What Type of Addition Is Most Suitable?

If you're looking to add to your home but you're unsure what type of change to action, you should think about what you home might currently be lacking.

  • Could you use another bedroom?
  • Does the kitchen and living area need more space or natural light?
  • Do you require more space for storage?
  • Does your home's interior need additional space, or would an extended outdoor living space be more appropriate?

What works most appropriately for your home regarding functionality, living space and living requirements will ultimately depend quite a bit on your current home layout, and the particular needs of your family. However, you should also keep in consideration the longer-term value of your house as an asset, in case you want to sell down the track.

Will the renovation align with the rest of my House?

Renovating your home involves much more than simply determining what type of change your want to make, and where to do it. There are important design elements that should definitely be taken into consideration prior to build, and these also change dependant on the type of renovation.

Your custom addition or renovation should aim to flow seamlessly with the rest of your home, as opposed to looking like it has been "stuck on" to your old house. This helps to maintain a cohesive appearance to your house, both inside and out.

Any custom addition to your home should generally blend very closely with the exterior of your home, and the interior changes can allow more room for creativity and architectural design.

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